Coming To A Head So To Speak

Friday 21 December 1945



Dear folks,

Friday afternoon and time I got a letter started. We have a lot of work pending judging by the appearances of things but not much really to do now. I imagine we will be transferring a lot of people in the next few days as things are coming to a head so to speak quite fast now. We aren’t transferring any one with over 45 points to other outfits so maybe we’ll go to one that is going home. Hope so at least. Maybe we can get started sometime early next month.

Not much really new around here. No mail again last night or this morning. Last night we had a pretty good picture at least the acting was very good although it was just a little too serious for me. It was “Mildred Pierce” with Joan Crawford and Jack Carson. Tonight we have some sort of double feature, probably not much good as they usually aren’t. Monday night is Xmas Eve and I understand that the Chaplain we now have is going to put on some sort of party for the boys. I still can’t make myself realize that it is nearly Xmas. I would probably if I were back there now as from what we hear and read you are getting plenty of cold weather and snow too in places. I’d like to give those ice skates some exercise again but I’d probably be stiff for a week afterwards.

We are possibly going to lose a couple of our clerks before long so I’m liable to find myself with an extra job. I can just see myself as company clerk for about 2 companies at once. There seems to be a scarcity of clerks and they are after ours with low points. If we are round here much longer we’ll be hurting plenty.

I haven’t seen anything of Miller for about 5 days now so maybe he is on his way home. I hope so but I sort of think I won’t be more than a month behind him. I haven’t been into town now for nearly three weeks. We have a nice enough place out here that there is really nothing to go into Manila for. We have the movies every night plus everything else. We haven’t been working too hard lately storing up a reserve I guess. Except for a couple reports today I haven’t done anything.

This probably sounds not so good but there is nothing much to say or talk about. So before I just run down I had better call it enough. So long until next time,

Be seein’ you,

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