Another Melter

They have really swell pennants here for only $1 so I’m going to get one before my furlough at least.


Thursday July 22, 1943

9:00 p.m.


Dear folks,

Another melter of a day. I just took off my shirt and pants and hung them in the window to dry out overnight. I got to bed at 9:30 last night and I really slept. I was up at 5:15. I dressed, lay down until reveille, and after reveille lay back down again until breakfast. I had 2 eggs, toast, butter, Rice Krispies, milk and 3 tiny peaches. After breakfast we hurriedly cleaned the latrine and swept the hall before class at 7. First we had Chem. lecture. Then at 8 we had a study to make up for having to go to a training film tonight. The library was full so we came back here. The Lt. has been talking to everybody with less than $10,000 insurance. I went down and he talked about it for awhile. I told him to sign me up for another $5,000. I’m tired of hearing about it everywhere I go. After Aug. 10 everybody with less than 10,000 will have to turn a written statement giving the reason. It all come about from the fact that a lot of fellows haven’t had insurance, civilians have found out and blamed the gov’t when really it was up to the soldier. So now they want us all to get the full shot. I’m tired of hearing about it. The insurance may be converted to regular life later so I suppose it’s a good investment. $6.50 a month won’t break me I guess? At 9 we went to class. Incidentally I haven’t signed for $10,000 yet so it isn’t in effect. Maybe you’ll get a new policy when I do. From 9 to 11 we had Physics Lab. We did an experiment on center of gravity. I got the experiment down, the questions answered and did almost 7 of 8 problems. I guess I got farther than most on the problems but I didn’t quite finish. At 11 we went to dinner – potatoes, spinach, carrot salad, bread, butter, milk, and jello. After dinner at 12 we went to study. I spent the time from 12 to 2 mostly on Geography. I went over the Union at the beginning of the period. I got an outline book of Physics that cost $1.25 but it looks like it may be worth it. I also picked up this stationery. I’m not out but I bought it anyway. At 2 we went to Geography. He very neatly double-crossed us by giving us a surprise test. I did better than I expected but I’m pretty much in the dark. I don’t care much for the subject. I’m hoping for maybe a 90. At 3 we had a study but the library was full so we came back here to the dorm. I spent the time on English. At 4 Freese and I went over and played 2 sets of tennis. I won 6-2, 6-2 but I sure was terrible. Then we took showers and got ready for supper. I got your Mon. letter tonight. For supper I had potatoes, spaghetti, sliced tomatoes (3 slices!), bread, butter, milk and cake. After supper Freese & I went over to the Union for awhile before going to study class at 7. I spent the time 7 to 8 studying Trig. for a test tomorrow. At 8 we had 2 training films on keeping secrets secret. Then at 15 to 9 we came back here. I’m getting to bed early tonight again. I still don’t know about a theme for tomorrow. He didn’t assign a subject & I hate to write on a wrong subject yet we are supposed to write one a week. I haven’t any written. Well its 5 min. to lights out. I’ll get to your letters on Sat. answered probably.


For tonight,



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