A Pretty Little Plaster Of Paris Cast

Sat. 17 Feb. ‘45


Dear Folks,

This may be a running letter of a couple days. I don’t know just yet. Yesterday I had the medics take a look at the wrist and they bound it up good and tight to sort of brace it a little. They are going to have it X-rayed I guess to see if there are any cracked or chipped bones. The soreness is wearing out quite a bit now though and I don’t think there is much if anything wrong with it except the old sprain I have had now for quite awhile. But if they want to look it over it’s all right with me. I got your V-mail letter of Feb. 3 yesterday so I am about 2 weeks away from the news. Last night I went into town, got something to eat, looked around a bit, and came back. The lines at the shows have been too long all week to wait out to get in. I got to bed about 11:00 I guess. The boys got in yesterday so this morning we were back in the groove with reveille at about 6:30. Breakfast was eggs, oatmeal, milk, bread, butter and fruit juice. I got to work at about 7:45 and now I am here. It’s about time to go have the medics check on things in the wrist so I’ll sign off. If there is nothing wrong I intend to take off on pass tonight with Buck.

Well I am back at 3:00 p.m. I’m resorting to a sort of hunt and peck system of typing as I have a pretty little plaster of Paris cast around my right wrist and thumb. I went down to the dispensary and they sent me to the hospital for an X-ray. They found that the novicular bone was broken whatever that means. The pictures showed a little clean break down by my thumb. It wasn’t out of place so no setting was required. I didn’t want to have to stay at the hospital so they put the cast on and let me come back. Buck and I were going to London tonight but at the last minute he found that he has to go to school Mon. morning so we had to call it off. We were going to try to find one of his buddies from Ft. Wayne whom he hasn’t seen for a couple years. So that’s that. Maybe it’s better that way. It is good it isn’t payroll time as my typing isn’t too good. So instead of London I will probably go to ____ tonight. So for now I’ll sign off and call this a letter for today. Don’t worry about this arm because it is nothing at all. It is just a sort of nuisance. Be seeing you



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