A Nice Rifle & Bayonet

Friday Sep 15, 1944

9:55 p.m.


Dear folks,

Another note again. Last night after I finished writing I ate – potatoes, peas & carrots, salad, bread, butter & a peach. Then I got some ice cream at the P.X. & some cookies to take along. I changed to fatigues, made up my pack and got issued a nice rifle & bayonet. They had orders to issue every man his authorized weapon so I got mine. I guess I’ve been lucky to be without it for 5 months. At about 6:30 we took our equipment over & loaded it into a ¾ ton truck. At 7:20 we took off. We went through the center of Paris & through Sulphur Springs. The Bn. was spread over a large area but we were about 8 miles I guess from Sulphur Springs. We got to the bivouac area at about 10:00. I found a spot, shook out my roll & fixed my bed. I had my shelter half and double thickness of blanket under me and a double thickness over me. I used my field jacket for a pillow. I was surprised for I slept very well. I did make the mistake of leaving my rifle out. It was wet from dew this morning but it was well oiled & didn’t seem to rust. We got up at 6:30, ate – eggs, potatoes, bread, butter, milk & an apple – I rolled my bed and we went to work. I did my report & then worked on pay books off and on until noon. We couldn’t do too much out there. For dinner we had K-rations. They come in a wax box – 6 biscuits, a little can of cheese, powdered lemon for drink, sugar, stick of gum & dextrose tablets. I guess it’s all right when you’re hungry. After eating we loaded our stuff & waited around to come in. We never pulled out until about 3:00 and it was nearly 6:00 when we got in. I ate – string beans, salad, bread & butter & went to work. I hung up my clothes, refixed my pack & stuff, washed my mess gear, cleaned my bayonet and rifle, went to the P.X. for soap & shaving cream, arranged my foot locker, got my laundry ready to go out tomorrow and finally here I am. I still have to shower & shave. I got your Tues. letter today. So for tonight I’ll sign off.




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