A Nice Little Furlough

Thurs. June 15, 1944

9:45 p.m.


Dear folks,

Just a note tonight because unless something gums up the works I’ll either be reading this over your shoulder or quietly snoring in some corner of 1010 Beech St. Monday when you get it. I have a nice little furlough all set starting at midnight Sunday June 16. It’s typed and signed by me and I hope nothing will block it. If I can get a break I’ll take off Sat. noon and be home at 1:25 a.m. Mon. about ½ hour after my furlough starts. I applied for this furlough this way on May 23 and I’m taking every bit I can get out of it. If it weren’t against army regulations I’d have bucked for a 3 day pass also. The main thing is I’m to get a furlough and when I asked for it. I have to take mine the last ½ of the month because of payrolls and stuff. The only thing that might block me would be the fact that a lot of new men are coming in. I’ve worked for 3 days to get things in order but more came in so there’ll be plenty for my successor to do. I don’t think they’ll let that stop me though because the Sgt. Major is going at the same time and he’s more important than I. So that’s it and I hope to be there when you read this. As you can see by the envelope I’m no longer a Pfc. I haven’t been since June 10. I’ve been putting Pfc. on my address all week to keep it as a surprise if I got home. It all surprised me too. You know the night I mentioned I almost got it. Well the next day Fri., the C.O. ran me up before the board and on Sat. I was a corporal. I’ve tried to keep it and the furlough both as a surprise. I imagine the hints I’ve dropped have tipped you off to the furlough but I might surprise you a little. That’s why I wanted the bag but I picked up a cheap canvass one which will hold a few things, enough to get by on. You have lots of underwear & socks, etc. around there. All I need to bring is uniforms. Well I’ve said enough I guess so I’ll quit and get to bed. I sure hope I’ll be seein’ you really this time.




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