A Blisterer

Thurs. 27 Sep. ‘45



Dear folks,

Back to work after dinner. I’d have been off this afternoon but a colonel is supposed to come nosing around today so we had to stick around. Today is really a blisterer. There’s no place one can go to get away from it. I’m sitting in the coolest spot I could find and sweating anyway.

We got a little mail last night & I got Gram’s letter written Sep. 16. It’s the first one I’ve seen addressed to 198 and it got here in 9 days. The other letter she mentioned sending before hasn’t come in yet. We have a lot of mail out someplace that hasn’t come in so someday we’ll get a lot at once.

Last night we had a rifle inspection after supper. I had cleaned mine in the forenoon and figured it was O.K. But when the Lt. looked at it he couldn’t see a bit of light through the bore. I got a patch and ran through it and it came out all mud. It seems some of these little mud-dobbers or whatever they are called had started to build a nest in the barrel. I guess that goes down as an embarrassing moment. I got a hair cut last night also. I guess he took it pretty high around the edges but it’s growing out on top finally. My hair seems to grow awfully slow down here. We expected a movie last night but naturally it didn’t come in.

We are going around here with our fingers crossed hoping and waiting to see what will happen. Things still look pretty good unless someone tosses in a monkey wrench. That’s about all there is to say for now so I’ll call this it for today.


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